Comcast, Dish Network, Qwest: The Switch

So after some serious “thinking” and reviewing of facts and details, I’ve finally made a switch in both my TV Programming, and Internet Service Provider.

Here’s my old plan:
$14.99 Comcast Limited Basic TV (7 Channels)
$45.99 Comcast High Speed Internet (6Mbps)

Now, I’m a really cheap guy. If there’s any way to save money every month, I guarantee you, I’m going to find it. Hence the limited basic television. However, when Dish Network introduced there new TurboHD programming options, I knew I had to make a switch. Here’s what I did:

I canceled my Comcast internet account completely. I then signed up for Qwest DSL (1.5 Mbps) and TurboHD Bronze package. Let me give you the run down:
$39.99 Qwest DSL (1.5 Mbps)
$24.99 TurboHD Bronze (27 channels all in HD)
$05.99 DVR HD Receiver

Qwest charged me a whopping $10 activation fee, and guranteed me my price for life. Dish Network threw me on a 2 year contract, free installation (which went well), and a 50$ bill credit. In addition to that, because I told them a friend referred me, they gave my buddy 50$ off their bill, and gave me an additional 30$ bill credit.

With all the incentives that Dish threw at me, the installation cost me absolutely NOTHING out of pocket. In addition to that, I got an 80$ bill credit and my first bill was only 63$ for the first TWO months of service. If you’re not following along, that means that my first 2 months of service are free, and my third month is going to cost me about 13$.

Everything has been installed now for a little over a week, and I have to say I’m quite happy. Although I’m a computer enthusiast I don’t do a lot of downloading (No torrents or anything.. no time for that BS) so I haven’t really noticed that 1.5 Mbps downgrade from 6 Mbps Comcast. I also Work from home over a Cisco VPN, and haven’t noticed any real performance problems over the slower connection, even when working with SVN or using Remote Desktop to a server at work.

All in all, for 10$ more I’m getting a lot better TV service (Oh man how I love that DVR) and I don’t have to give Evil Comcast any more money.

Information on the $5.00 no phone line fee (Additional Outlet Programming Access Fee) is here.