Whirlybird Helicopters, a job well done

I recently had the pleasure of flying with Whirlybird Helicopters in Layton, Utah.  What started out as a somewhat frustrating experience turned out to be a great example of good company management and customer service.

My wife had contacted Whirlybird Helicopters several weeks in advance to schedule a 30 minute introductory helicopter flying lesson for my fathers-day-gift. What a creative gift, Ah? The flight was scheduled for 10:00 AM in Layton, Utah.

To simplify things, we showed up at their office at 10 to 10 without any sign of anyone. Anywhere. To make matters worse, we had our two children with us, both under the age of 3.  After waiting for almost an hour and 15 minutes, we decided it was time to pack up and leave. It’s important you know, that in any other circumstance we would’ve been out of there much earlier, but I knew that if we left, we’d never be coming back, and I didn’t want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity.

It turns out that the instructor who was supposed to take me up had flaked out, and Adam (CEO)had driven over as fast as he could. Adam was a fantastic guy with a great attitude, and obviously a lot of concern for customer satistifaction. We were up in the air 30 minutes after he showed up. My instructor was incredibly knowledable, and he explained everything about the helicopter, and process.

I don’t want to set the wrong expectations for future customers of Whirlybird, so all I will say is that Adam was a gentleman about the mistake, and did way more than I expected to compensate me for our lost time and frustration in having waited for an hour. It was clearly and unusual circumstance, and not a situation he was pleased with. His resolution was way more than fair, and I left with a feeling of exhilaration at having flown a helicopter and the satisifaction of having been taken care of as a customer, despite a customer service hiccup.

I highly recommend Whirlybird for anyone looking to take helicopter flying lessons, or even seeing if it’s for them. They’re incredibly affordable (less expensive than almost everyone else in Utah, and incredibly professional) and know how to treat people right. You can find them at flywhirly.com.