Anonymous, disposable e-mail address, now with rss feeds!

It seems like everywhere I turn there is someone wanting an e-mail address. Some website requiring registration (Thanks bugmenot!) others just requiring ‘verification’. These vultures seem to stop at nothing to get your personal information!

It used to be quite easy to simply give them a phony or fake email address. After all, what’s the harm in giving someone some random nothingness that is meaningless to you? Unfortunately, it appears they’ve wised up to the act. Now they want to send us ‘verification’ links or registration confirmations to click on before they’ll activate your account or let you in to various parts of the site. For the longest time, that meant giving them a real email address. Sure, you could go through all the trouble of signing up for a couple of spam accounts that don’t matter to you. But that’s so troublesome! More passwords to remember, another site to have to login to just to get a quick piece of information you’ll never use again.

Luckily there’s Want to browse the wall street journal but need to activate your account before they’ll let you read the news? No problem! Give them a fake address (you make it up), and then go get your message from Of course it’s free. No accounts to make, No passwords, no waiting, and no reason to ever check that mailbox again.

As a bonus feature, you can add mailboxes to your rss feeds. If you’re waiting for an email and don’t feel like checking every 5 minutes, add it to your feed list and let rss do all the work.