National Geographic: The Sun may influence weather on Earth

I’m pretty much speechless, so we’ll see how much I warm up by the time I’ve pasted this keeper in here. Let me share a couple of my favorites from the revelatory article:

Sun’s Cycles Can Forecast Floods, Drought?
The sun’s fluctuations can help predict extreme climatic events on Earth decades ahead of time, new research suggests

The [suns] cycles, which are driven by the sun’s magnetic turbulence, may influence weather systems on Earth, particularly the El Niño-Southern Oscillation, a periodic climatic system associated with floods and droughts mostly in the Southern Hemisphere….

emphasis added

Wow. I’m speechless. The National Geographic, Champion of Man-Made global warming, is telling me that there may be some natural cause to our planets “weather systems”? That’s ridiculous. The notion that the Sun could have any impact on our world’s weather systems, temperature, rain, or otherwise, is absolute heresy.

I’m really dissappointed in the National Geographic. We all know that the notion of planetary movement and sun spot interactions  is an idea that was created in the 15 and 1600′s. But anyone who is anyone knows that we abandoned those ideas nearly 30 years ago when we came to realize that Man has always been responsible for our climate. I mean really, who would be arrogant enough to think that man couldn’t be the only cause of climate change on our earth?

Here’s another Gem in this article:

“This [area of research] is something that warrants further investigation,” he said.

I know this is some groundbreaking stuff, but it might not hurt Dr.Baker to open up some of those science books they used to have when I was in elementary school. Can’t find any? That’s right, I’m back in the 80′s. Look in the fiction section.

How solar cycles may influence Earth’s weather systems is not well understood, but Baker speculated that cosmic radiation is a factor….

However, other scientists have misgivings about the strength of the research and its value in predicting climate events….

Stuart Larsen, a climate ecologist at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, believes that solar cycles may “play a role in driving climatic variation.” But he’s doubtful of Baker’s work…

How solar cycles may influence the Earth’s weather systems is not well understood but we know all about how Man is completely responsible for Global warming. I mean sure, weathermen are often wrong about whether it will snow, or how much snow we’ll get tomorrow. And clearly we don’t “understand” solar cycles and how they hypothetically effect the planet that revolves around the Sun, but we’re still the only reason the planet is warming.

Even better? We’ve got scientists telling this Dr. Baker fellow that he’s full of crap.  Solar Cycles may play a role…but he’s doubtful.  Of course he is.Because the idea that some of global warming might be a natural effect is a joke. And the idea that a significant portion of our warming may be natural is, as I said before, downright heresy. Someone find me a stake.

As always, comments welcome. Especially the ones that say I’m an evil piece of earth-hating dirt.


Before the creepy hippies get out of bed tomorrow afternoon, let me summarize my thoughts. I do believe the planet is warming. I also believe it’s cooling. What it’s doing in the long term, I don’t claim to know. I don’t think we know enough about recent changes in our planet to conclusively prove that we have everything, maybe even anything, to do with “global warming”. Yes, we could be taking better care of our planet. But I find it arrogant and ignorant to believe that “man” is wholly responsible for the changes we’ve experienced as a globe. I also think it’s ridiculous that all the latest ‘research’ and fact finding by the Al Gores of the world pretend that natural fluctuations in our globes temperatures don’t exist. I think it’s ignorant to think that our earth, which follows an uneven path around our sun, wouldn’t be effected by the sun’s powerful heat, radiation, and gravity. Or anything else that tugs and pushes our planet throughout our solar system and beyond. Not to mention internal natural sources of climate change such as tectonic plate shifts, volcano’s, and other local, natural phenomenon.