Sheriff gives me a ride home

This evening there was a helicopter crash not too far away from my house (about a mile and a half is what i’d guess). based on the description of the crash location, first-responders were unsure where to look for the crash, so several of them immediately went and searched the field adjacent to my home.

Before I knew what had happened, i decided to walk up to the end of the street where a K-9 unit was parked. When I got up there, I found the truck empty but tracks leading into the field and enormous ditch.

Long story short, the officer emerged and was happy to tell me and several onlookers what he knew. As I turned to walk home he was kind enough to offer me a ride home.

Thanks Sherriff’s Officer for the public service of both providing me prompt, friendly information I have a right to know, and for going the extra mile by giving me a lift home. I very much appreciate it. I’m also very sorry I didn’t catch your name. I should have asked.

Thanks again.