The mom in Mary Poppins is no good

As a father, I’m exposed (or re-exposed, more accurately) to all sorts of childrens movies.

Recently, mary Poppins has made a return in our house. I’ve seen it plenty in the last month or so, probably as much as 20 times. And each time, I notice something new about this childhood favorite of mine.

If you remember the film, you’ll remember one of the central themes to the film is Mr. Banks, and has obsession with maturity and responsibility.

At the end of the movie, the whole film culminates with Mr. Banks losing his job, and realizing it’s family  that is important, not work. He then takes his family out to fly a kite, learning the true meaning of life.

Well good for him, but what about the lazy, good for nothing mother, Mrs. Banks? Her household employs a full-time maid, cook, and live-in nanny. In fact, the Nanny is so heavily relied upon, that she only gets every other Tuesday off!

So what in the crap is this woman doing with her time? Ohhh yes, shame on Mr. Banks for taking his life and duties seriously! The man gets home at 6:00 every night and sees his kids off to bed.

His wife on the other hand, has no job, doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, and employs a woman full time (13 out of 14 days every two weeks) to watch her children, discipline tem, tuck them in at night, educate them, take them on outings, and everything else.

Winifred Banks… you are quite honestly the laziest, most worthless mother in Disney history.