charges 30$ to ship 20 6-inch cables – Updated!

Alex V., A newegg Customer Service Professional, discovered this blog post and has contacted Michael W. in an effort to resolve this issue. Michael is incredibly satisifed with this resolution, and his faith in has been restored.

We commend Newegg and Alex V. for their amazing customer service, and happily reinstate our endorsement that is the web’s best computer hardware vendor.

Michael’s response to newegg can be found here.

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/faceplam on Shipping
A friend of mine frequently makes all of his computer-related purchases from online vendor He’s sworn by it for years, so much so in fact that I have made several purchases based solely on his recommendation.

This morning, Michael had an incredible time making a purchase when Newegg wanted 30$ to ship 20 6″ cables.

Ordinarily, Newegg ships multiple order items together. For example, if I purchase two hard drives and a motherboard, shipping is calculated to ship all of those items together. However, as you’ll see from Newegg Customer Service Member “Tiana”, apparently shipping 20 cables, Newegg says there is a possibility they’ll ship all 20 cables seperately, and therefore need to charge for shipping accordingly. Essentially this prices the order at $39.80 for 20 cables, and $29.48 to ship them on the cheapest method available.
A similiar cable
That’s a total cost of $69.28 to purchase 20 6″ cables cables that weight next to nothing.

Even better, during a chat with Newegg customer service, Tiana chats the wrong message to Michael, apparently because she’s helping too many customers at once. She then ends the chat with a classic “Thanks for calling. Later loser”.

You’re welcome to try the linked URL and see for yourself.

Chat and Screenshot enclosed:

8:26:35 AM Michael W.

Initial Question/Comment: Shipping

8:26:40 AM System

Tiana has joined this session!

8:26:40 AM System

Connected with Tiana

8:26:40 AM System

Hello my name is Tiana. How may I help you today?

8:27:12 AM Michael W.

Hi I have a question about combining products on an order. I think there might be a problem with the auto update shipping amount

8:27:19 AM Michael W.

8:27:21 AM Michael W.

is the item

8:27:29 AM Michael W.

and its a cable that weighs virtually nothing

8:27:40 AM Michael W.

when I try and add say 10 to the order, my shipping is like $20

8:28:01 AM Michael W.

the shipping should be around $5-$8 or so, as I’ve ordered a bunch of cables through Newegg before

8:28:14 AM Tiana

I do apologize about that Sir, please give me a moment and see what I can do for you in this matter. For reference Sir, each item that is added to your cart has it’s own shipping prices and once it adds 5 items or more the shipping charges are discounted. If possible can you please provide me with your account information? This way I can review your account and see what we can do for you.

8:28:16 AM Michael W.

and the only time shipping has been remotely close to $20 was with a case

8:28:59 AM Michael W.

I have not pruchased these yet, as I think the shipping is wrong

8:29:06 AM Michael W.

my account is under my*****

8:29:20 AM Tiana

The shipping is correct and as a courtesy I can offer you 10.00 off shipping.

8:30:29 AM Michael W.

I guess I dont understand why the shipping is so much, they are cables, they weigh virtually nothing

8:30:44 AM Michael W.

I should be able to add 50 cables and the the shipping shouldnt be $10

8:30:50 AM Tiana

That is how much we list them for shipping sir.

8:30:56 AM Tiana

Shipping for that cable is 2.99.

8:32:27 AM Michael W.

If I order 20 cables, what are the shipping costs at that qty level?

8:32:50 AM Tiana

What is your zip code?

8:32:53 AM Michael W.


8:33:35 AM Tiana

It is 29.48.

8:34:18 AM Michael W.

ok, that’s just ridiculous. I order everything from newegg, as you can see from my account, and the prices on shipping for these cables is just wrong

8:34:31 AM Michael W.

I will just buy them locally at those prices

8:34:37 AM Michael W.

or from another online vendor

8:34:46 AM Michael W.

that is just not correct for shipping

8:35:02 AM Michael W.

they can be combined into a flat rate box, they are tiny cables

8:35:07 AM Michael W.

I just dont understand

8:35:50 AM Tiana

They cannot be combined as a flate rate because again we charge shipping per item. Once it adds 5 items or more the shipping charges are discounted.

8:36:08 AM Michael W.

so, if I order 20 cables, I will get 20 packages?

8:36:25 AM Michael W.

they wouldnt be combined like EVERY thing else Ive ordered?

8:36:30 AM Tiana

You may or you may receive them all in one box. We may not have all the cables in one warehouse.

8:37:00 AM Tiana

*You may or you may not.

8:39:35 AM Tiana

Thank you very much for holding. Unfortunately your credit card declined again. Since we have verified the credit card information in our system is correct and your card-issuing bank has not authorized the payment, we may need to conduct a manual authorization. A manual authorization consist of us contacting your card-issuing banks merchant line to request an authorization number. There is a slight risk of being double charged. If this were to happen, we will fix it immediately and refund you the 2nd charge… Would you like us to conduct a manual authorization?

8:39:40 AM Tiana

I’ve noticed that you have been idle for 3 minutes; would you still like to continue this chat?

8:39:43 AM Michael W.


8:39:49 AM Michael W.

I didnt ask you to verify my credit card

8:40:00 AM Tiana

Disregard the last paragraph.

8:40:05 AM Tiana

It was not meant for you, I apologize.

8:40:18 AM Tiana

Do you have any other questions, or is there anything else I can assist you with today?

8:40:37 AM Michael W.

no, I am just appalled with the shipping

8:40:40 AM Michael W.

I dont know what to say

8:41:05 AM Tiana

Thank you for visiting Please feel free to contact us anytime.

8:41:05 AM System

Tiana Disconnected