RiskAnalysis V1.0 Tool for WebRisk @ Iohelix.net

webriskFirst of all, let me say I thoroughly enjoy playing WebRisk over at Iohelix.net. WebRisk is an aptly named online version of the board game, Risky.

Games are played as slowly, or as quickly as you like, notifying you via e-mail when it’s your turn to move.

I’ve really enjoyed playing risk, although it’s really highlighted to me how poor my math skills are. I have a difficult time quickly counting how many troops a person has, and how many troops they’ll be getting on their next turn.

To remedy that, I present RiskAnalysis 1.0.riskanalysis

RiskAnalysis is a javascript based tool that will quickly calculate the number of troops and territories each player has. It will also calculate continents owned, and how many troops a person will get on their next turn, assuming the game continues in it’s direction.

The tool is not an exploit or hack in any way – A pen and paper, or calculator, can easily be used to derive all the same information that RiskAnalysis provides.. but for those of us with math problems, it’s a much faster solution.

RiskAnalysis 1.0 is compatible with Chrome and FireFox 2.x+. Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • Open the following link in a new window and copy it’s text to your clipboard:
  • Using any site, create a bookmark in Chrome or Firefox titled “RiskAnalysis”
  • Right-click on that bookmark, select “Edit” and remove the address of the existing bookmark
  • Paste the copied RiskAnalysis code into the address field of the bookmark
  • With an iohelix.net WebRisk game board open, click on the RiskAnalysis bookmark
  • Leave any comments, suggestions or concerns you may have here, and check back periodically for updates