HelloLinko.com: The best Google Voice Transcripts [Beta]

Announcing HelloLinko.com: The best in Google Voice transcripts!
If you’re a user of Google Voice for Voicemail, you know just how amazingly funny those Google Voice transcriptions can be. However, I searched high and low and to date, there isn’t a single site on the whole of the internetz that attempts to consolidate the best of the best.

HelloLinko.com lets any Google Voice user to share their favorite Google Voice transcriptions (errors, typos, weird sentences and all!) with all of the internet. The best part about it? You can share a Google Voice transcription directly from Google Voice! You can choose to share an audio copy of your Voicemail, or just the transcript.
What’s more, Fans of HelloLinko can call and record their own Voicemails for HelloLinko… or even send a text message.

I even remove phone numbers from transcripts before being posting but beware that if you choose to include an audio copy of your voicemail, personal information can’t be removed.

This project is still in beta, but I invite any of my blog readers to try it out and pass it on to their friends!