Vivint Wireless Internet – How is it?

Has anyone else tried Vivint Wireless Internet service? They’re launching in neighborhoods all over Utah, using a new Wireless technology, promising 50 Mbps down AND up, guaranteed for only $50 bucks a month.

I’ve personally been on the service now for for about 4 months, and it’s been lightning fast. But it seems like not everyone is happy. There’s even a  Vivint Internet Downtime Log to keep track of the outages in their neighborhood.

I have to admit, I too have experienced intermittent outages, and sometimes it seems like, as a new ISP, they’re still working on having their ducks in a row. But it’s a fantastic deal, and they’ve seemed reasonably responsive, so I’m willing to stick it out a while longer. At this point, I think they’ll either be a huge success, or an EPIC BLUNDER for a $2 billion company.

How has the service worked for you? Is it fast? Reliable? How’s their customer service? what kind of experiences have you had? There aren’t many places on the web yet talking about them, so leave a comment below.

  • Kimber Zinna

    I gave them a very fair shot for almost a year. On average, there was a major outage every couple of weeks. To make matters worse, their ‘internet department’ didn’t open until around 9 or 10 am. This was detrimental to me, as I work over the internet and start at 4 am. Don’t forget, any Netflix, Hulu, etc will not work either, so internet outages to me were pretty serious. Their explanation: “It’s because of San Antonio tower number three, it’s just a bad tower.” My question? Why use it and sell a service off of a bum tower?
    When I finally decided I had to call it quits due to losing lots of money and almost my job, I notified them via email. A month later. After another bill came and I questioned it, they informed that a “certain department” needed to know. Why they could not forward the email through their own company, I don’t know; however, I emailed that department. A month later, I got another bill. So I questioned it again. (At this point I had already started using another service). Their response: “You need to Call that department directly”. Okay, so I call them. Next month. Yet another bill. I made another call and Still I receive bills to this day.
    IMHO, maybe this company does okay with the security division, but they are The worst company I have Ever dealt with in any capacity. My advice: Go with an established company who knows how to do business the American way.

  • Angie

    DO NOT USE VIVINT! My Internet never works! It goes out on a daily basis. When I’m streaming like using Netflix it will kick me out repeatedly because the Internet shorts out. I’ve had about five technicians come out and they all claim to fix the problem until the next day. Do yourself a favor and go with someone else.

  • Mckay

    My internet works great. Faster than Comcast and my price hasn’t ever changed

  • Tim

    Surprised to see the responses here. Me and all my friends switched to vivint and it sure as heck beats Centurylink and Comcast (I’ve had both). I guess there’s bound to be a few bad experiences but I’m stoked to be able to tell Comcast to take a hike :)

  • Janet Cornwall

    I love vivint! Once in a while they will have an outage due to storms/ weather but it’s always been fixed promptly- like within 2-12 hours. And I’ve been with them 2 years and it’s happened probably 3 maybe 4 times. The weather was extreme when it happened and I can so live without internet for half a day twice a year. Great price, super friendly and helpful customer service. No data cap! We watch tv through the Internet and it always streams great, fast! I was with century link before and will NEVER go back!!! We Love vivint!

  • Estrella Mary Baca

    As far as internet service goes, we have had nothing but problems since the start. This is already the 2nd week in a row that our connection has been out. I’ve left multiple messages for a tech to come out to my house, and I’ve gotten no response. Unfortunately, we don’t have many options in the area I live in, since it’s so new, so we’re at their mercy. I sincerely regret living in this area for this reason.

  • David O’Brien

    This internet service is about
    as fast as your 90 year old Grandma with a walker in a 100 meter race.

    At first speed was decent and service was reliable, it’s just steadily gone downhill since to the point of being worthless. They claim speeds of up to 100 Mbps. On an average day I get 8 to12 Mbps upload speeds. In the rare case I get around 30 Mbps… I am thrilled. The worst part is that it just randomly stops working several times a day. When watching movies or when doing screen shares during important business meetings (awkward).

    I have had to politely call these guys over and over with issues. Got new hardware, hour long troubleshooting sessions multiple times while being placed on hold. Sending their guys out to the hub, over to my house, etc, etc. The 5th time I called them with issues after having the internet not work for weeks, I kindly asked for a month credit. Best they could give me was 5 bucks, a couple calls later the Manager gave me a 10 dollar credit. I’d gladly pay $200 a month to have reliable service at this point. It’s not about the money, it’s the principal. They claimed a few times they
    would keep an eye on my internet speeds and call me if things went bad again.
    Within an hour of working with them the speeds would go in the toilet again, no calls, call them back…same song and dance.

    In the end I dumped them and we are not getting back together. Do yourself a favor, do not go with Vivint Internet.