Vivint Wireless Internet – How is it?

Has anyone else tried Vivint Wireless Internet service? They’re launching in neighborhoods all over Utah, using a new Wireless technology, promising 50 Mbps down AND up, guaranteed for only $50 bucks a month.

I’ve personally been on the service now for for about 4 months, and it’s been lightning fast. But it seems like not everyone is happy. There’s even a  Vivint Internet Downtime Log to keep track of the outages in their neighborhood.

I have to admit, I too have experienced intermittent outages, and sometimes it seems like, as a new ISP, they’re still working on having their ducks in a row. But it’s a fantastic deal, and they’ve seemed reasonably responsive, so I’m willing to stick it out a while longer. At this point, I think they’ll either be a huge success, or an EPIC BLUNDER for a $2 billion company.

How has the service worked for you? Is it fast? Reliable? How’s their customer service? what kind of experiences have you had? There aren’t many places on the web yet talking about them, so leave a comment below.

  • John

    I like the service. Fast. Great customer service. Some occasional downtime, but I think they are figuring it out. I love my Vivint internet!

    • J Hansen

      Hi John,

      Great to hear that you are having a good experience. Thanks for leaving your review.

      Vivint Internet

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  • David

    I’ve had it for a few months, goes out often. Currently not working at all. Overall I’m very unhappy with the performance of the services.

    • lvandy

      In what area do you live?

  • sob

    ive had vivint for over a month. great deal, lightning fast. haven’t experienced down time. totally happy

  • Guy L

    I’ve been on hold for over 15 minutes waiting for tech service. to try to figure out why my download speed is 9.6 and upload is 0.325….

  • E-Man

    We’ve had then for 2 weeks and haven’t noticed a full-blown down time, but we have had times where it is really slow. My wife works from home Tuesday/Thursday and does a virtual desktop/remote login. It’s sometimes fine, but other times lags and seems slow. It’s funny because she should only really need about 10-15 down and 5 up to have a smooth connection. During slow times it still tests around 15-20, but obviously something is hanging up the remote connection at times. Otherwise, through my ancient router we max at around 45-50 (speed as advertised), but when I hook my laptop up directly to the connection point, I get closer to 70-80, so my old piece of crap router isn’t doing any favors at this point. I’m going to try a new 1900 AC router. I’ve got a new router on the way and I will see if that helps with my wife’s connections too.

    I really want to keep it, I’m sick of begging like a dog to Comcast every 6-12 months, but if the slow times are persistent enough we’ll have to switch back. We haven’t called to report anything because it hasn’t been down, and the speed jumps up quickly, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within an hour. I’m not sure if it’s a throttle problem, like another user is hogging the speed or what. Anyway, if we can get that smoothed out about (like with a new router).

  • Scott Olsen

    I live in Utah Valley, and we recently had the new Vivint wireless installed for Internet access and long distance. A few comments on a laughably incompetent Vivint dog-and-pony show:

    It took Vivint three days (including four calls to technical support—with up to 40-minute waits to get through—and three technician visits to my house—including five people total—to get the thing up and running to acceptable speeds (about 50 Mbps off and on, though by no means consistently). Please be aware that Vivint will need to drill holes through your roof and walls and run coax to their router. The initial installation took about 3 hours.

    Despite Vivint’s promises, their connection is proving to be no faster than the Comcast setup we had (using Comcast’s new modem that we got from them last November). The difference is that speeds with Comcast’s setup were much more consistent, but the speeds with Vivint vary widely by time of day. During peak hours, their connection is noticeably slower (sometimes 3 to 4 seconds to load a web page).

    Tech support was annoying to deal with, as they kept trying to blame my initial slow speeds on my year-old Apple AirPort extreme router. They were patronizing and condescending and treated me as if I just came to town on the hay wagon. Since we only have recent MacBook Pros with no Ethernet ports, the tech support guy asked me to go to a neighbor’s house to borrow a laptop with an Ethernet port so I could plug it directly into their modem for troubleshooting. I understand the reason, but go to my neighbor’s house to borrow a laptop so they can do their troubleshooting? You have got to be kidding me! They finally did discover that the initial installer failed to upload the correct software to their radio on the roof.

    One of the tech support guys who came out on the third visit asked if it had been windy, because windy conditions affect speeds due to tower vibration. This directly contradicts what the sales guy said in that weather conditions will not affect speeds. The tech support guy who came to the house the third time told me that winds and other weather conditions can definitely affect speeds. I guess to have to wait and see just how bad this will be.

    The way the Vivint technology works, according to one of the tech support guys: Vivint runs fiber to a tower on the nearby mountain, which then connects by radio to a receiver on the roof of the hub house on our block, which then, through line-of-sight transmission connects to the radio on our roof. (According to our neighbor with the hub house, they get a free Internet connection, but they had to sign a pretty in-depth legal agreement giving Vivint access to their property and roof at all times, and according to him some type of ownership rights to his roof with other significant legal releases. This is second-hand, however, so I can’t vouch for its accuracy.)

    This is obviously a not-ready-for-primetime technology. The Vivint people seem to want their technology to work, but they proved to be surprisingly incompetent when it comes to setting up their own equipment and treating their customers with basic respect in tech-support calls.

    We’ll keep the setup for the time being because the bill including Internet, phone, fees, taxes, and SpaceMonkey (1Tb of networked storage) and costs just under $75.00/month. We have been paying $115/month for Comcast Internet and phone without the networked storage. (We’re long past Comcast’s teaser charges.) So that’s $40 less per month for Vivint, which is sufficient cost savings to put up with the hassles of getting Vivint’s connection working adequately (I hope). If we experience frequent slowdowns, interruptions in service, or other problems, we will, however, go right back to Comcast (there is currently no Utopia or other direct fiber service to our neighborhood, although the fiber has been laid down our street). My guess is once that direct-to-house fiber goes live, Vivint’s radio-based technology will be toast.

    To sum up: this was a really frustrating dog-and-pony show of setting things up on Vivint’s part, and I don’t really have high hopes for a long business relationship with them based on their demonstrated incompetence.

    • Michael Hooker

      Having the same issues. Sent out a technician twice and both times have claimed its an issue at the hub, but it never gets fixed. When calling the technical support, they keep going through the motions, but nothing gets resolved. Then they cannot even find the prior notes or work orders on prior problems. Then they say there is nothing wrong on their end and want to set up again with bringing out a technician. The service is terrible and the company has no clue.

  • Vivint LIES

    Southern Utah – Extremely frustrated. I hate empty and broken promises. My speed is really slow and they said that they will not allow upgrades. That actually tech support has put a FREEZE on ALL upgrades and new accounts here in Southern Utah. That Vivindt “made a mistake” in purchasing these accounts from Rocketnext/Wildfire.

  • vivintandi

    Is there a data limit on the internet usage?

    • Jud F.


  • Tim

    I have had internet with them for half a year now, in West Jordan. my speeds are amazing 90 Mbit down and 120 Mbit up when it is working. at first they had me on a tower that would go down all the time. I had to call 3 times a week to have them restart it. Then a tech came out and upgraded my radio and attached me to a new tower. I had fast speeds and no outages for a month and a half. then the pushed a firmware update out which was for old radios and not my new one so took my new radio offline and I had to wait for a tech to come out and repair it. he updated the firmware but in the process I was switched from the reliable tower back to the one that needed to be restarted twice a week. so I am currently down a 3rd of the time with speeds around 25mbit down and between 0.5 and 25 up.
    I have requested the specific tech that fixed my internet the last time to come out. he will be here in a week to look at it.
    when its up its fast, but in my experience its only been up about half the time. I did notice on the old towers they had me on they had poor ping times and jitter in their lines. that wasn’t there on the new tower I was on for over a month. I believe it was a test tower, lets all hope the push out these new towers.

  • Tyler Schmidt

    Terrible internet service and terrible customer service. We live in Orem and have had Vivint Internet several months. Service has cut out for hours at least a dozen times—once for a full day, tech support people have had to come out four times to fix the “radio” on the roof. Windy weather makes the service spotty. They will not tell you this when you sign up, but one of the first questions tech support people ask is if it’s been windy or stormy in your area. It usually takes 40-plus minutes to get through to tech support. Plus, my perception of speed with Vivint is that it’s definitely slower than Comcast (with Comcast’s latest modem). We just went back to Comcast. Whatever you do, don’t sign up for Vivint Internet; their technology is not ready for real-world use.

  • james

    Im canceling. We had great service, till the hub home took the equipment down. Vivint refuses to add a new one. So we have downloads of 9 mbps. Wish we disnt switch to them.

  • B

    RUN. DO NOT go with these people. Their service is horrible. Down for 5 days and still waiting.

  • Eric

    Worked well for the first 30 days, then its barley worked since. Really long wait times for phone support. Takes weeks to get a tech out, I have to call daily and ask for a temp fix which lasts a few minutes. Support slow when it does, go with someone more reliable.

    • woman4life

      Just looking to contact support soon. Not encouraged by this. Hopefully it’s better. Same experience with working great the first thirty days. Now it is extremely intermittent, and internet download times are creeping a lot.

  • Richard

    Run Away, Don’t walk RUN!!!! I have had the service for 4 months, I’ve had 5 service calls, usually waiting a week or more for someone to come, and then they may or may not have the part that is needed. I have been on the phone MANY times, again, waiting for up to 45 minutes for someone to answer. They are friendly and polite and as “helpful as they can be”, which frankly is not much! When the Internet is working I have serious Lag and Latency. if the data can be buffered it isn’t too bad, but gaming is out!!! Needing to “reestablish connection” every few minutes. There are way to many viable vendors out there, Vivint… Run Away

  • Sean

    If you require a fast, reliable internet connection, then Vivint isn’t your company. The service is great for the free trial period, then the quality of your connection drops.

    Waiting 30+ minutes to reach tech support who’s only advice is to “turn it off and back on again”, then waiting 48 hours for Tier 2, then waiting a week for a technician to come out to your house is unacceptable to those who need a reliable internet experience.

    Avoid them!

    • Henry Reyes

      I have to agree with this person 10000000000000% back to TWC heheh

  • Ash Frys

    Horrid. Waited two days for a tech to fix a problem with their equipment. Problem came back three days later and my connection drops every eight minutes. Waited on hold and used up all my cell minutes because their number isn’t toll free. The earliest they can get a tech to me is a week and a half away. I am thoroughly dissatisfied.

  • A. Tsai

    Stay away from them. Signed up on May 6, 2015. Lost connectivity on May 27, 2015 and was told a tech couldn’t come out to fix the problem until a week later on June 3, 2015. Problem was fixed until June 16, 2015 when Internet went down again.

    Called tech support at 5 PM and was told it should be back up in a couple of hours. At 8 PM, called to find out what was happening and was told tech team that works on problems like mine went home for the night.

    Today is June 17, 2015 and it’s almost 11 AM. Still no word from Vivint. Vivint sucks!

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  • Erin Vizcarra

    If you would like to save your one hell of a headache.. DO NOT go with this company!! Then bait and switched. they me told I could have a seven free day trail, I called to cancel it several time and each time then promised me they could get it up to the speeds they promised, Never happened! So I called again for the fourth time to cancel it less the 12 hour passed the 30 day trial, switch you said they would do for free because you guys could never get the service to work. You are now trying to make me pay 240 dollar fee to get out of a service that never worked in the first place. You have awful costumer service, you promise things you can’t do, You con people into keeping a service that never worked!! This is the worst company I have ever worked with!

  • JacobTheSomething .

    I like the service a lot. We actually got it for free, so that’s cool. The download and upload speed is way faster than our old connection, and I plan on using it to upload large files on the internet.

    My only complaint is that it goes off every once in a while, and although it’s only for a few seconds, it can really mess up whatever application I’m using that’s connected to the internet.

  • Jason

    is there anyone that is Happy with the service provided? i seem to be having the same issues as the majority of the people on here. Internet only working every once in a while after the first month. Not having any answers on getting internet back up and running except to unplug the PoE injector and waiting 7-10 business days for a possible fix. Fix is said to be done on Vivint’s end but my internet is doing THE EXACT SAME THING. so a technician has to come out, but they are a week out to get to me.

    I’m curious on how a company can do business without even offering the ONLY service I bought from them.

  • Henry Reyes

    sorry but vivint has major issues and just plain old sucks

  • Tom Frank

    Love it! I got it and was promised 50mbps. It’s never been under 60mbps I’ve had as high as 130mbps.. I was with cable for years and this is way way better then paying out the nose for spotty at best cable internet. I just wish I was the distribution point like my neighbor he gets even faster for FREE!

  • melissa

    We signed up 6 weeks ago or so. The first couple of weeks were good. But now we are getting download speeds of 11mbps at the most. We can’t watch Netflix movies, especially in the evening. It’s the worst internet we’ve ever had. Comcast was a lot better at only $20 more a month. We should have stuck with them. Now I think they have us in a contract so Im not looking forward to wasting $65 a month on useless Vivant internet.

  • Kyle

    Been on them for months and I have to say the last month has been miserable. Frequent downs, it seems every evening it slows down and then drops you. I had a technician over the other day and he informed me that they know they have a problem but do not know what or how to fix it. Their customer service is horrible. If they commit anything to you get a name and keep it, because the will deny everything. Looking for replacement as I work from home and can’t be down 5 to 6 time every day and slow at times.

  • wish I never heard of Vivint

    Vivint is the worst service provider I have ever dealt with… The sent 3 techs, that couldn’t fix the problem for more than a day, and when I called to cancel they send they only sent 1, and we should keep trying to get it to work before they would cancel without charging the cancellation fee. When it did work it was the promised speed, but it didn’t work so often that it just didn’t matter. I was completely down for 4 days and there reaction didn’t include any urgency at all. It worked great for 5 weeks, then nothing but trouble. you can cancel in the first month. It makes one wonder why 5 weeks.

  • noonbaj

    its slow as more people
    are on

  • Jason Williams


  • mp

    First, it is over $50. Mine is closer to $70. Second, it can be fast but it’s not usually. There are a lot of down times too when you can’t get it at all. I am not happy with mine at all.

  • Robert Fabian

    If you have a choice – DO NOT USE VIVINT!!! Invasive monitoring on top of very poor service!!!

    The lastest in a long series of problems is that their servers now require each and every device I connect to my home network to be verified with them. For browser-enabled devices, this is a time wasting annoyance, but this last week it took down my streaming Blu-Ray player (which has been on my home network since before I got VIVINT). Since I can’t pull up their authentication site, it’s blocked, even after spending an HOUR with their tech support.

    Exactly what business does my ISP have approving or disapproving individual devices on my home network?

  • dave_Whittle

    I’ve had it for 3 months now. Their support is excellent and their price/performance can’t be beat, so I’ve been willing to put up with their growing pains. I just use my cell phone data plan when they’re down, and I always ask for credits, which they provide. Count me as a happy customer even if the delivery hasn’t been perfect. When it’s working, which is most of the time, it’s fantastic. Low latency and double their promised speeds, both up and down (because I’m so close to the hub home). I’m happy to stick with them while they work out the bugs. Networking is hard and they’re learning.

    • sob

      perfect ? a half an hour down time per month is unacceptable to me. and if u want to use ur mobile data up then u are a moron. my x vivint provider was so terriable that I was down more than I was up in each and every month. they lied to me saying it was something with my system, when it was actually there hub, tower miss communicating all the time. so be a dumb ass and pay them 60 bucks when ur down all the time. ad use ur data up bro. good luck to

  • henry

    el paso tx internet connection intermittently drops and slow speeds like DSL speeds or basic cable

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  • Mike Ruiz

    Installed this service months ago , had multiple issues. 1.) internet speed was too slow 2.) my direct TV states the speed is too slow to provide playback. Speed stated i would get comes in , but once it hits the router it drops. Vivent came in and adjusted the channel for both the standard and 5g, and added a repeater. This seems to help , never had to do this with time warner. Direct TV still shows a slow speed. I am told they have backed off selling internet until they can resolve multiple issues.

  • Alan Shipley

    Worked good fro a couple weeks, but ever since then every night the internet slows to 6Mb download and makes it so using the internet is unbearable. On the weekends it is even worse. The best part about this is we are the hub home so everyone gets their internet from us and if we are slow no doubt they are too. So yea my experience so far sucks and I am about ready to switch.

  • J.J.

    I have been with VIVINT for almost a year now. Without exaggeration I have just come to accept slow speeds between 5-10mbps download. Most of the time on the slower end of the spectrum.
    Their customer service is great and they have sent numerous tecs out to attempt to quicken speeds but have never solved the issue.
    I intend to try my luck elsewhere I suggest you do the same.

  • Robert

    They suck! Down time is equal to their up time. They should refund all my money and apologize for such crappy internet service.

  • kb

    This is the worst thing that happened to us. For the past 1 year I’ve experienced extreme frustration almost everyday. For the first few months,we keep calling the service. They came everytime and there’s always something broken.They advertised for 50Mbps,but we hardly ever get 18Mbps on a good day.We use Apple Airport extreme in the house.I wish we never know about this product.

  • Nathan Revo

    Located in Roy, UT. I was an early adopter of Vivint. The first few months saw a lot of down time. I also experienced issues with VPN connectivity to work. However, I have been problem free for many months now.

  • Morphiedavid

    Well, I am using frontier internet services and I have never experienced any problem while surfing their internet. The speed of the internet becomes slow some times due to some technical problem but it becomes resolved just after a while.

  • wmaden

    I’ve been with Vivint for over 2 years now and best I recall, it’s only been actually down once and it was just for a few hours, other than that I am pleased with them. They sold me 50Mb for $55 a month, I get close to twice that speed most of the time.