How do radio stations know how popular they are?

How popular is that radio station? Maybe I am the only person that ever thinks about stuff like this, but I’ve often wondered “How does a radio station know how popular it is”? How do they know how many people are listening? How do they know how much to charge advertisers, and how do they convince […]

Why don't cars blinkers ever blink at the same rate?

I have no idea why I’m “blogging” about this. But seriously, why is it that in all my years of life, I’ve never seen two cars at an intersection that appeared to have their blinkers blinking at the same rate? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of model cars out there, especially when you […]

Holding the door open when leaving the movie theatre

I’m a huge fan of social observation and experimentation. Even as a little child I was fascinated by the choices people would make. In fact, I loved observing patterns in peoples behavior and even attempting to manipulate that behavior with subtle changes in the environment… or whatever. One common social observation has resulted in a […]