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Emerging Artist and Web Comic

David Haselhoff riding a unicorn running through a care bear

David Haselhoff riding a unicorn running through a care bear

I have a friend… well, for the sake of being honest, let’s call him an acquaintance.

At any rate, the man has phenomenal artistic abilities. This afternoon I asked him to draw a picture of something completely random. I suggested the first three things that came to mind:

David Hasselhoff, riding a unicorn, running through a care bear.

Around 3 hours later he wandered over to show me what he’d churned out.

As you can see the man has more talent in his pinky than Chuck Norris has in his round house.

want to know what the worst part of this story is? Despite my immense pressure to convince him that he is sitting on a veritable internet gold mine, he has 0 interest in pursuing a blog featuring random crap churned out from his awesome mind and all-powerful hand.

“My hand hurts!” is his terse and insistent response.

Don’t waste this awesomeness! if you enjoy this mans work, let me know! I must pressure him into churning out more high quality randomness.

Creepy sales voicemail

My friend Thomas is an upper-level manager for a medium sized international company. Part of his daily responsibilities include purchasing and implementing hardware/software solutions.

He had been working with a vendor from a very large and well known company for a little over a month. Over this month they’d had a few phone calls, exchanged a few emails, and held one or two ‘online demonstrations’ of the new product, in hopes of getting Thomas to make a purchase. I think it’s important to point out that I’m told Thomas in no way ever led this guy on to believe a sale was going to take place. There was no paperwork, no PO’s, no commitments.

Thomas had a particularly busy week at work, and had to put purchasing on the back burner. Apparently letting some sales calls go to voicemail was a poor decision on his part:

It kind of makes you wonder what he’s been telling “management” that’s got him so worked up. Good luck with that!

Craziest tattoo I have ever seen (in person)

This morning as I was walking through my professional office building, I noticed a young woman walking through with a large and noticeable tattoo on her arm. Upon a closer inspection I noticed what appeared to be the most interesting tattoo I’ve ever seen in passing.

I’d also like to point out that I work in a professional office building. In a very conservative State in the Union. So while I myself am no stranger to tattoos, I was definitely surprised when I saw this one!

While some people may consider it gutsy, I asked the young lady if I could take a picture of her tattoo. More specifically the conversation went like this:

Me: Excuse me miss!

Her: <Incredibly weird “why are you talking to me” look>

Me: that is the most awesome Tattoo I have ever seen. Would you mind if I took a picture with my phone?

Her: Sure.

Me: Thanks!

And that was the end of our conversation. Here now I share a censored version with you.  Click the thumbnail above to see the picture I took.

Caution:I wouldn’t let my kids see this tattoo if I could help it! With that being said, I still saw it in my office building.

Personally, I’m not sure what would possess a person to get any kind of tattoo. At all. Part of that is my own personal life-long philosophy; some of it probably has to do with my beliefs;  Mostly my thoughts revolve around: ”What the heck is that thing and why would you want it on your arm?!?!”.

What do you think?

FP – Fat Potential

I used to work with a young single guy who would date girls based on their “FP”, or ‘Fat Potential’.

If the first few dates were going good, he would take the unusual step of trying to meet the girls family. More specifically, he wanted to meet her mother to evaluate what the younger girls Fat Potential might be, based on how her mother’s appearance has panned out over the years.

If the girl appeared to be at a high risk for FP, he would frequently end the relationship within a couple of days thereafter.