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World War II – Meet the real Captain America

I had no idea men like this actually existed.

Llewellyn Morris Chilson
April 1, 1920—Oct. 10, 1981

Llewellyn Morris Chilson was awarded over a dozen combat decorations for service in World War II, including 3 purple hearts.

Here is the citation for one of his Distinguished Service Cross:

…When the enemy opened up with 20-mm. guns on the company’s positions shortly after entering the town of Meilenholen, Germany, Sergeant Chilson quickly observed their positions and moved a jeep, armed with a machine gun, to the middle of the street and opened fire. In the ensuing action, he personally knocked out two flak guns, one 88-mm. gun, rendered another 88-mm. useless by knocking out it’s crew and killed approximately 40 enemy riflemen. When our reconnaissance troops advanced to take the town of Zell, they were halted by 20-mm. flak fire. Sergeant Chilson quickly mounted a motorcycle, abandoned by the enemy and riding in front of the reconnaissance troop located six more 20-mm. guns. One flak gun opened fire on him from a distance of about 50 yards and his motorcycle was shot from under him. He hit the dirt, rolled over, jumped to his feet, and ran directly towards the gun position and threw a grenade. This action killed three members of the enemy crew and knocked out the gun. Returning to the lead tank, he directed their fire upon the remaining five flak guns which were subsequently destroyed.

Sergeant Chilson has always been an inspiration to the men of his company and his intrepid actions, personal bravery and zealous devotion to duty exemplify the highest traditions of the military forces of the United States and reflect great credit upon himself, the 45th Infantry Division, and the United States Army.

Had I not thoroughly researched Sgt. Chilson, I would’ve thought that this kind of heroism was surely a piece of fiction. Motorcycles, grenades, 40 enemy men killed single-handed!

Let’s look at another one of his citations:

…While engaged in taking the town of Neuberg, Germany, Sergeant Chilson and his platoon were halted by intense automatic weapons fire coming from a second story apartment house. Realizing that unless the enemy was knocked out immediately a large number of casualties would be inflicted upon his platoon, Sergeant Chilson, with complete disreguard for his own safety, rushed across the fire-swept street and into the house. Racing up the stairs to the second floor, he tossed a high explosive grenade into the room killing two members of the enemy machine gun crew and capturing eight. He then called his platoon forward and they occupied the building without a casualty. Later, as one of his squads was moving into the next house, they were halted by automatic rifle fire which came from a courtyard. Again Sergeant Chilson came forward, and tossing a white phosphorous grenade into the courtyard, assaulted the enemy position. Firing his carbine with his left hand after being wounded in the right arm by an enemy bullet, he killed two of the enemy and captured a third. His daring and utter disregard for his own personal safety is worthy of the highest praise and is a credit to himself and the armed forces.”

For more on Sgt. Chilsons citations, you may want to look here,  here, and of course, the Wikipedia entry.

I’m quite grateful for men like Llewellyn Chilson, who were willing to sacrifice so much in the pursuit of freedom, and in the protection of his fellow soldiers, friends, and brothers. Thanks for setting the bar high.

The 2012 US Presidential Debates – What you need to know

Until 1988, the League of Women Voters had organized and moderated the Presidential Debates as an independent 3rd party.

They were responsible for moderation, selection of questions, location, and other details related to the debates. The only thing the candidates had to do, was show up.

In 1987, the Democratic and Republican Party then jointly created a non-profit organization called the Commission on Presidential Debates. This commission secretly created a contract called a memorandum of understanding that decided which candidates would participate in the debates, which individuals would be panelists capable of asking questions, who could be in the audience… even the height of the podiums!

In 1988, the League of Women Voters 14 trustee’s unanimously voted to withdraw from participation, with the following statement:

“The League of Women Voters is withdrawing sponsorship of the presidential debates…because the demands of the two campaign organizations would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter. It has become clear to us that the candidates’ organizations aim to add debates to their list of campaign-trail charades devoid of substance, spontaneity and answers to tough questions. The League has no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public.”

Since the LWV’s departure from the debate process in 1987, the private, jointly-held Commission on Presidential Debates has run the debate process ever since. They control virtually aspect of what you see on television, including the exclusion of additional candidates. It’s important to remember that the CPD is a private organization – not accountable to the American people in any way. It’s also important to remember that this private organization is jointly run by the Democratic and Republican parties,.

Since 1988, Memorandums of understanding have coordinated every debate, including the 2012 Romney-Obama debates. Twice, the memorandums have been made public (albeit unintentionally). 2012′s memorandum of understanding was 21 pages long, and forbade ‘direct questions from one candidate to another’, among many other things.

And that’s why I didn’t watch the debates this year. No candidate can solve the Nation’s problems with 2-minute talking points, under the comfort of a debate organized by two organizations that are attempting to ‘perpetuate fraud on the American voter’.

I have no intention of becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public.

you can barley talk english, you dumb foreigner! – and other Facebook fails

I’m always impressed by literate U.S. citizens who vocalize their opposition to immigrants based on their ability to speak English. After an intense 10 minute search on, I bring you the following gems from enlightened citizens of the United States.

speak American you dumb foreigner

i can barley talk english


Don’t worry, you don’t look stupid…

To all foreigners in this country….

Starbucks no speak english

This is America!

You spanish speaker, you!!!

What’s a forbiden?

I wonder what they speak in Canada…

I said ‘wut!’

This be merica, people!

Plenty more gems just waiting to be found in real-time. Search Facebook for your own FAIL at

The Bachelor – Destroying humanity one viewer at a time

One thing’s for sure. When you’re on the Bachelor, you may not catch the man of your dreams, but chances are you’ll catch something!

I know I’m not the only one that’s thought it, but someone has to say it.

The Bachelor is a ‘dating game’ in which 1 man ‘dates’ as many 25 woman in an elimination-style reality TV show. Each woman, carefully screened to be a ‘perfect match’ for the Bachelor, competes with the other women in a combination of group and single dates in a ‘winner takes all’ battle for the man of their dreams. At the end of each season, the Bachelor asks one lady for their hand in marriage… most of the time.

The title of this post makes the claim that The Bachelor is destroying humanity, but I stand by my assertion. Let’s start with the basics.

There isn’t enough time

airdiogo @ FlickrI’m probably going to keep coming back to this, but come on’. This man moves from one woman to another in a series of one on one dates and exploratory relationship that are laughable in terms of time. There’s a whopping 8 episodes, 3 one on one dates and countless group dates in which the Bachelor spends a max of a couple of hours with each woman.


He doesn’t actually ‘plan’ this crap

talkradionews @ flickrEvery episode, the Bachelor talks about these elaborate and mind-blowing dates that he’s planned for the women. Helicopter rides, cliff diving, romantic private island get-aways, yachts, sunsets, you name it. And often times these women will pine for the Bachelor. “I can’t believe he planned all of this”. Or even better, “This is my idea of the perfect date! But how did Brad know?”. Seriously lady? How did he know? You don’t actually think he planned all of these dates do you? Don’t you remember, in the 5 Applications and 3 demo videos you sent in to ABC, what you filled out on the Application?

Do you really not remember applying for the Passport and requesting travel in another country? I don’t want to shock you here, but he had nothing to do with this. He didn’t pay for it, he didn’t plan it, and he wasn’t told about it until the day before you two went. He’s not bringing you the magic, the Network is.

It’s not personal

face_it @ flickrCamera’s, lights, sound, producers, electricians… immense man power required for each and every scene. And they’re there, all the time. Those nice quiet scenes in which they make intimate remarks and reveal their deepest darkest fears and secrets? Camera guy. Sound guy. Producer. Electrician far off in the back ground. There’s no actual privacy, or intimacy. And now is a good time to remind you: It’s a television show. Re-takes, cuts, do-overs, scene deletions. It all happens. Don’t think that it doesn’t.


He’s very physical with you… oh, and those 8 other women
20after4 @ flickrThis actually bothers me quite a bit. I love these women who say “The kiss was incredible; I think I’m falling in love”. Lady, he just made out with 4 other women this episode… and they’re your room mates! This guy can get some action from 4 different ladies in a single 36 hour period, and none of them are genuinely upset about it. It’s all part of the ‘game’. And it’s all magical. And mystical. One thing’s for sure. When you’re on the Bachelor, you may not catch the man of your dreams, but chances are you’ll catch something!

It’s not real dating

You can’t form a strong, serious (marriage worthy no less!) relationship with someone under the circumstances above when he’s having the same interactions, both physical and emotional, with that many other women.scragz @ flickr

In addition to that, the experiences that you’re having are not typical of the kind of relationship or life you would have together. While trips to tropical island paradises are wonderful, they’re not every day life. You don’t form the basis for a healthy, life-long relationship by starting with a honeymoon.

Real life does not consist of helicopter dives and cocktail parties. It’s filled with ups and downs. Jobs, bills, lack of time and conflicting schedules. A relationship built on fantasy would never, ever survive in the real world. Which brings me to my next point:


In 14 seasons and 90 episodes, no Bachelor couple has ever stayed togetherworldofoddy @ flickr

The reality of the Bachelor can be found not in it’s plethora of episodes, but in the fruits of the show. In 90 episodes, no couple has ever successfully remained a couple. That means that this show has never produced a single good thing for humanity. It’s contributed to heart break, divorce, and statistics that show our nation is in a continual decline.

You’re worth more than this game show

ittybittiesforyou @ flickrWhat level of self-esteem must a woman have to participate in this show? I shouldn’t have to be the one to tell you this but you’re worth more than this show. You deserve a man’s full attention. You don’t need to compete for his attention and affection like some kind of wild animal. You need to take the Disney approach and be like Jasmine: You are not a prize to be won!


He’s not a real man

skeggzatori @ flickrWhat kind of a real man would make out with, and lead on, 8 different women at the exact same time? 4 women? 2 women? In the real world, a man who was having an intimate relationship with more than one woman would be branded a dirt bag of the worst kind. But on ABC, he’s the man of every woman’s dreams! A real catch!

A real man has self respect, and respect for women. The Bachelor? Not so much.

It turns moms into bad moms

defekto @ flickrOkay, I guess I don’t have a right to call a woman a ‘bad mom’. That’s really not my place. A lot of people like to throw around the term ‘to each his own’, especially when it’s more convenient to avoid doing the right thing. This last season featured two single women who had small children waiting at home. That’s right, there were two women, including the show favorite (Emily) who have little kids at home wondering where mommy is.

At the end of the day, I don’t know whether these women are good mothers or not. I’m not that judge. That being said, I feel confident in saying that leaving your child for weeks at a time in pursuit of love on a tv game show is not an attribute of a good mother.

In Summary: It sets a standard that cannot be achieved

As our country falls further and further into the pits of self-gratifying entertainment, our moral fibers literally stretched to the limit, and our marriages and relationships portrayed as nothing but one night stands and ‘starter marriages’, the last thing we need is a television show like The Bachelor. The show is degrading to women, to marriage, to parenthood, and the strength and unity of a genuine family unit.

The Bachelor strives to convince us that intimate, life-long relationships can be formed in a series of 3-hour group dates, surrounded by cameras and lights. Real life just isn’t that way, and as our society pushes marriage and family further and further from it’s heart and mind, The Bachelor will continue to play it’s part in the degradation of our society.

And that just sucks.