Dell Schanze's Declaration of Candidacy

Schanze's Declaration

As I’m sure 5 of you know, Dell “Superdell” Schanze has been vying for the position of Utah Governor for several Months.

What you may not know, is that there is a small amount of paperwork that each candidate must fill out, called a Declaration of Candidacy. This let’s the State and citizens of Utah know that you intend to make a fool of yourself run for Governor.
Normally, I’d explain much further, however I think his application really speaks more than I ever could.
What I really love about this piece is that it’s so reminiscient of a third grader’s letter to Santa Clause. The ever changing size of lettering. The random drop off of letters. The apparent total lack of regard for legibility. It’s a wonderful example of childhood innocence.
In all seriousness though, a person who can’t fill out a simple form really shouldn’t be running for Governor. Even if they do live in the city of “Sandr…”.
Here’s a PDF version if you prefer.