Dish Network: No Phone Line Fee

I was really really worried that Dish was going to charge me the No Phone Line Fee (AKA Additional Outlet Programming Access Fee) of $5.00 a month because I can’t run a phone line (don’t have one) or an ethernet cable to receiver. So I had to be absolutely sure that my receiver was exempt from that fee.

If you’re not familiar, let me explain. Dish Network charges a no phoneline fee, also known as the Additional Outlet Programming Access Fee. If you don’t have a phone line in your home, they’ll charge you this $5.00 a month fee in order to send PPV information to and from your receiver, download updates, and whatever else they can make up to get more money out of you.

If you don’t have a phone line, you’ll be charged the fee if you:
Have more than one TV.
Your receiver has Dual Tuners (Picture-in-picture).

There is only one HD DVR Receiver that Dish Network carries that is exempt from the no phone line fee and that is the ViP 612. The ViP 612 is a dual tuner, single TV receiver that does not offer PiP and is exempt from the no phone line fee. The later model, the ViP622 is a dual tuner, PiP receiver that will be charged the 5$ fee if you can’t find anywhere to hook it up.

if your receiver has an ethernet port, you can connect it to a broadband internet connection to avoid the fee. Although online you’ll find this topic is in hot debate, I assure you the final verdict appears to be that the fee will not be charged if you connect it to your broadband internet connection.