The Point Bistro – Bait and Switch?

I work in an office place that is near a small, in-office restaurant called “The Point Bistro”. Essentially they exist inside of a large office Complex and sell primarily to hungry office workers throughout the day, especially at lunch.

They began offering a Breakfast menu from 7:30-10:30 AM. Being that hungry kind of fellow that I am (Read: Fat) I decided it might not be  bad idea to check it out.

I looked over the menu before coming to the conclusion that a breakfast burrito is not the worst choice anyone has ever made, and is probably not something they’ll mess up easily.  But I had reservations. Firstly, why is it called a “grocery breakfast burrito”? I mentioned this to my buddy, who said it’s probably like  “kitchen sink burrito”. You know, something with a little bit of everything in it. Just as we were having this conversation, two people in front of us had ordered some, and we saw a burrito being cooked up on the grill. Well, that answers that.

My co-worker and I ordered up a breakfast burrito, and waited about 5 minutes for the cook to get’er ready.

Once the counter girl rang us up, she said “okay, $5.00″. My friend and I looked at eachother with a semi-puzzled look. After 2 seconds of awkward silence, my buddy spoke up and said “Uh actually, we’re not together”. I’m sure you’re gathering his assumption was that she had rung up the burritos as $2.50, and charged us for two. Unfortunately, that was not the case. She promptly responded “oh no, they’re $5.00 each”.

At this point I was a little confused, so I figured I’d say as much. “Um, I’m pretty sure the menu says $3.00″. Response? “Oh yeah… that’s for a frozen burrito. The burrito you got isn’t on the menu”.

Unfortunately, this was as far as the conversation got. We paid our $5 a piece and left. Why? I really have no idea. It was 7:45 in the morning, I was still tired and confused, and apparently didn’t have ‘the fight’ in me. Really it defies all logic. On a normal day I would’ve said “Charge me the $3.00″ or I would have just said “Then I don’t want it” and gotten a less expensive breakfast. But for whatever reason, I caved and simply handed over my hard-earned cash.

Essentially what it comes down to, in my opinion, is this: Place a $3.00 breakfast burrito on the menu. Make sure that no mention of any other burrito exists anywhere. Not on another menu, not on the ‘specials’, not in the “about how we’re the best place ever” pamphlets. Then, when a person orders a burrito, cook something, and charge them $5.00 for it. Despite the fact that their menu is a printed piece of paper in a metal paper-holder, the ‘error’ has not yet been corrected.

I’m calling bait and switch. The Point Bistro – I want my $2.00 back. For whatever reason, I was spineless this morning and didn’t have the guts to call you on it, but really that’s besides the point. And yes… I know it’s $2.00 but it’s the principle of the thing!

Can I have it back?