If I could ask a Presidential Candidate one question…

If you could ask a Presidential candidate just one question, what would it be?

We’ll even go so far as to live in a fairy-tale for this post, and let’s pretend they have to answer it in a reasonably direct manner, with no talking points or off-topic banter. In real life, this is rarely the case, but for the sake of “What If’s” lets play that game.

After much thought, I’ve decided I want my question to reflect on their character, as well as their intentions. After all, I want my one question to forcibly reveal as much about a political candidate as it possibly can, right?

It has to be a question that will provide you something you can’t often get anywhere else. After all, there is talking-point after talking-point on the Candidate websites, in press releases and other distributed political junk. Their “positions” are usually easy to determine, even if they change from time to time :) .But if we have just one question, we’d better make it an exceptionally worth-while and revealing question. Something like “What are your plans for the economy” would simply be a waste of a rare opportunity.

And then it hit me. Since all the major, and even minor but relevant candidates running are generally  members of the Senate or Congress, I realized exactly what it was I wanted to know about these candidates.

It’s these Senators and Congressmen that are telling me time and time again that if elected, they can truly change my country for the better. My one question?

As a Senator/Congressman, why do you think you need to be elected President of the United States in order to make a difference?

Presidents don’t pass legislation. Presidents don’t typically author legislation. The Senators and Congressmen of our nation are the best politically positioned people to make a difference in the way our government operates, and the direction in which our country goes. Why does Barack Obama, John McCain, Clinton, Huckabee, and even my often-favorite Ron Paul believe that being president will finally empower them to once and for all make a difference in the nation? Are they telling me that as the authors and approver’s of our nations legislation, they’re simply powerless against a president who’s veto can be overthrown by the very position they hold?

I wish I could ask all the candidates that question. Their answer would be telling of their character, thought process, and intentions for the Presidency of my country.

What would your question be?