Google Labs – Two interesting Google Projects

For those of you not already familiar, Google Labs is the test bed for most all Google Projects and enhancements. Whenever you see a new released feature inside of Google, chances are really good that it started out as a Google Labs projects.

Some Google Labs projects you may be familiar with:

  • GoogleGmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google Reader
  • Google Suggest

And many more!

I’d like to share two of the most interesting Google Labs projects currently under development. They’re the Google Trends(Related: Google Insights), and GAudi Projects.

Google Trends is a project that lets you “See what the world is searching for. Using an undefined Sample of global search criteria from all years, you can enter search terms to see how often people have searched for those terms, graphed over your defined period of time. What makes it incredibly powerful is that you can compare search terms against one another, and chart them side by side. This gives you visual representation of how search terminology compares with each other. For a more powerful version of Google Trends, take a look at Google Insights for Search. It uses the same Trending technology, but allows you to scale it to a specific point in time, or nation of origin.

GAudi, or Google Audio Indexing lets you “Search what people are saying inside YouTube Videos“. There is no fluff, it does exactly that. With this incredibly powerful tool, you can search the index for specific words spoken inside of YouTube videos. GAudi even shows you the count in which your term is spoken, and will give you shortcuts inside the YouTube video, so you can skip directly to your point of interest.

That’s all for now. I will continue to keep an eye on Google Labs looking for the most interesting, or relevant new Labs projects.