Make any website Mobile using Google

When browsing the web on my mobile phone, I find that a lot of my favorite websites don’t provide Mobile versions of their content. While this is fine for all you fancy people that went and blew money on an iPhone, and can sleep at night paying 20-30$ a month for a data plan, us normal people can’t afford phones that can display normal website content.

I have a T-Mobile Shadow on a 5$ a month data plan. The data plan is a little slow and pokey, but it does the trick. However, what it can’t do is download enormous, non-mobile websites very easily. Because of this, it’s pretty much impossible to read the Consumerist or other blogs (including my own!) from my phone.

Thankfully, Google has provided a Mobile conversion tool.

Point your phones to this URL:

This is pretty great stuff – I know there are some competing sites out there that do things similiar to this, but none quite so well!