Students take field trip to a peers autopsy,2933,463364,00.html

PONTIAC, Mich. —  A medical examiner’s office in Michigan has canceled public school tours after a high school group watched the autopsy of a 14-year-old girl from their district.

The Detroit News reports Monday that Oakland County officials decided to stop the tours in Pontiac after they were contacted by the girl’s parents, who were very upset about the March tour.

Mike Zehnder, the county’s director of public services, says it was “a poor decision” to let the tour go on.

The newspaper reports the teacher who brought in the Waterford Kettering High School group was told the autopsy would be of a Waterford middle school student and discussed that with students.


This is one of the most awful, yet morbidly hilarious things I’ve ever read on the internet. I have to admit – the first thing I did was laugh. And then of course I immediately fell into a horrible guilt spiral – until we started talking about it more with co-workers, at which point I immediately started laughing again.

And of course there were some comments that I just couldn’t help but share:

“I told you you’d see her again!”

“She was always such a stiff…”

Seriously though, what a bizzare turn of events. While I’m surprised that a High school would go on a field trip to a morgue, I’m more surprised they’d witness an autopsy – even more surprising is the fact that they witnessed an autopsy on a high-school aged minor. That’s just bizzare.