Forcing Chrome to resolve an intranet address

I love Google Chrome. However, i’ve had a hard time getting it to resolve local intranet addresses.

If I type “” into the Chrome location bar, Chrome automatically appends http:// to my address, and submits it.

But what if I want to navigate to a local, or intranet address such as “http://crazyserver” or http://crazyserver.unet”? Sure, I can actually type the http://in, and surely my site will resolve. However, if I just enter “crazyserver”  or “crazyserver.unet” into the Chrome location bar, Chrome will assume that crazyserver is a search term I’m looking for, and will redirect that as a query to Google. You don’t want the search page when trying to get to your intranet site!

The easiest way to avoid this, is to append a / to your local server or site name. 

Example: “crazyserver/”

Google will take this and send you to http://crazyserver, thus working well with your local intranet.