Technology Holy Wars

If you’re a fan of technology, you’re probably familiar with the technology holy war. Or, depending on the specifics, you might be familiar with the term “Software Holy war” or “hardware Holy war”.

Technology holy wars occur when people who favor one type of software/hardware/platform attempt to derail competing technologies. “Fan Boys” who engage in these holy wars will typically stoop to amazing levels arguing about which technology is faster, more stable, easier to use, so on and so forth.

Some holy wars you might be familiar with:

  • PC (Windows) vs Mac
  • Firefox vs Internet Explorer vs Opera vs Newcomer Chrome
  • Dell vs Home Built
  • ASP vs PHP
  • Linux vs everything

Through years of experience in the computing world, I’ve finally come to an amazing conclusion:

Every job has it’s right tool.

Despite what fanboys of one technology or another will tell you, some people simply work better in one environment over another. Sometimes the simplicity of one tool outweights it’s performance capabilities, or vice-versa.  There is no magic, universal tool that can always accomplish anything better than anything else.

Maybe it’s just wisdom (or insanity) with age, but I’ve just come to realize that people fighting technology holy wars are either wasting valuable time, or aren’t as technically proficient as they claim to be.


Firefox and Apple suck.