Short Post: Maybe it really is too late for America

This is a short comment I made on facebook. Unfortunately, it was a truthful and significant concern of mine, and I felt like sharing it here.

More people than ever wrote, called, and even protested the first 600 billion dollar stimulus.

It was a historic, record-breaking uprising people hadn’t seen since Vietnam.
And yet, it was passed by our representatives. Not only was it passed, but it got passed with pork pork pork with raceways and Puerto Rican toys.

This time, 900 billion dollars. Even more pork. Less civil uprising, likely because civilians have come to think their efforts are worthless.

I used to think that “if people would just start acting” things could change. However, I’m beginning to think the opportunity for change initiated by The People has passed. Maybe their efforts would be worthless… and it’s not just a misguided perception. I’m starting to wonder whether, my cynicism aside, the people’s power is actually gone, rather than simply fading. These are truly sad thoughts for me, when I consider my future, and the future of my children.