Search on Flags in bugzilla

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to know how to search on a Flag in bugzilla. We use flags to determine what bugs have already been automated in our regression testing suite, and a variety of other things. So really, a filtered list of bugs based on what their flag has been set to would really be useful.

Filtering a bugzilla search by flag

First, ascertain the name of your flag:

In this case, my flag name is “Automation/FT”. 

Now, using an advanced bugzilla search, let’s search on it by searching on the Flag Name, combined with a ?,-, or + at the end (depending on what you’re searching for).



In my example, this search will return all bugs in which the “Automation/FT” Flag has been set to “-”. Of course, that search is further filtered by parameters I’ve used above like products or keywords.

See, searching on flags in bugzilla can be quite fun. This is probably fairly common knowledge, but I never knew how to do it!