Lori the Shovel-less Snow shoveling Gypsie came back!

Part 1
It snowed last night, and sure enough, this afternoon at 11:45, the SAME EXACT THING! Repeated, “fire fire fire!”-like doorbell ringing and door knocking.
Feed the birds. Tuppence a bag.
I get down there, and low and behold, Lori!


Lori:”Hi My names Lori” (Extends hand)

Me:”You were here last week Lori!”

Lori:”Oh, Was I? Well I was just wondering..”

Me:”Beat it ya old bag!”
…. okay, I made that last part up.
Me:”Sorry Lori, I can’t help you”

Lori:”K Thanks.” (Lori Walks away…. I think she mumbled something under her breath, seriously).

Lori, stop coming here. I don’t like you.