AOL PFC Viewer to open PFC files

If you were a hardcore internet user any time back in the 90′s, chance are good that at one point or another you had an AOL account. If that’s the case, you may have also saved/archived your old email into an AOL Personal Filing Cabinet, or .PFC file.

Unfortunately, the AOL PFC is a proprietary file format for archiving e-mail and can’t be read by Outlook or most other common mail viewers.

That’s where PFC Viewer comes in. At one point in time, a savvy developer created a java-based PFC viewer that would inspect the contents of an AOL PFC file and let you get access to all of your old e-mail without installing the client. Sadly, his original website and code went missing, but through some determined investigating of my own, I was able to found the source and original release.


You’ll need the Java runtime environment  (JRE) installed on your machine to get this Jar file working properly.

Download Link:

Download the JAR file and double-click to open. Then navigate to File > Open and open your PFC. And there’s your old email.

The original PFC Viewer was released under the MIT software license, which allows me to provide a download link to the application here without cause for license violation.

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