Make Google SSL your Default search

Google recently unveiled it’s new Beta Service, Encrypted Google Web Search. The Google Blog post indicates that this new feature will help in protecting your search terms and search results from third party intermediaries like your ISP or employer.

Employers and Internet Service Providers will still know that you’re using the Google Search for something, but the theory is that SSL will protect your search terms, and the search result list you get back. Keep in mind if you follow links from Google out into the interweb, those sites may not be encrypted.

To make Encrypted Google Web Search your default search, follow the simple steps below!

Encrypted Google Web Search on Chrome:

  1. Click the Tools tools menu menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Click the Basics tab.
  4. Click Manage in the “Default search” section.
  5. Click the Add button in the “Search Engines” window.
  6. Enter “Google SSL” in the Name: field.
  7. Enter “ssl:” in the Keyword: field.
  8. Copy the following URL and paste it into the URL: field.
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. Select “Google SSL” From the Search Engines list.
  11. Click the Make Default button.

Everything you search on using the Google Omnibar will now use Encrypted Google Web Search!