Creepy sales voicemail

My friend Thomas is an upper-level manager for a medium sized international company. Part of his daily responsibilities include purchasing and implementing hardware/software solutions.

He had been working with a vendor from a very large and well known company for a little over a month. Over this month they’d had a few phone calls, exchanged a few emails, and held one or two ‘online demonstrations’ of the new product, in hopes of getting Thomas to make a purchase. I think it’s important to point out that I’m told Thomas in no way ever led this guy on to believe a sale was going to take place. There was no paperwork, no PO’s, no commitments.

Thomas had a particularly busy week at work, and had to put purchasing on the back burner. Apparently letting some sales calls go to voicemail was a poor decision on his part:

It kind of makes you wonder what he’s been telling “management” that’s got him so worked up. Good luck with that!