Sending SMTP mail with Gmail using GoDaddy

As usual, my GoDaddy account required some configuration for what should have been some menial task.

I wanted to start sending e-mail using a Godaddy SMTP account, via Gmail to get rid of that annoying “On behalf of” tag line that was giving away my super-secret gmail account name (or something like that).

I went into GoDaddy and created a brand new SMTP mail account, then went to Gmail and tried to add it as a valid SMTP account to send from. I kept getting messages like:

Your other email provider is responding too slowly. Please try again later, or contact the administrator of your other domain for further information

I was using like GoDaddy told me to, but it turns out, it was a GoDaddy configuration issue. To resolve this, log into GoDaddy’s creepy web interface then:

  • Click on the Settings tab
    • Click on Display Settings menu item
  • Click on the Other tab
  • Check the Use Full-Time SSL Mode checkbox
  • Click the OK button

When configuring the account in Gmail, make sure to check “

I actually found most of this information by putting together a bunch of forum posts, but it was misplaced enough I thought consolidating it into one “typical GoDaddy…” post would be appropriate.