The inside of a RedBox machine

I had an opportunity to snap some photos of the inside of a RedBox the other day, and thought it’d be fun to share them here. Click through for higher resolution:

I'd love to tap on some of these buttons. What do you think "Secure Browser" is? I wonder how you get to the 'Field maintenance App'. Maybe it's only available when the door is open? Otherwise it's probably similar Konami code.

The doors are open!

You can see the modem in the bottom left there

A clear shot of the Wireless modem

Another shot of the wireless modem, showing the SprintWireless card.

A standard Windows workstation by Dell

A classic UPS. I guess they're not taking any chances?

This closed box actually looks like it's one of the wheels movies go into, that you see above. I'm not sure if they can just replace one "wheel shelf" with another or not.

Another shot of the "Wheel Shelf" as she's putting it into the bottom for storage?

The modem and other hardware in plain view.One more shot, just because.


As Rebecca Black would say: “FUN FUN FUN!”