Rattling noise coming from your LG Nexus 4? Don't worry, that's by design.

By Rodrigo Ghedin, on Flickr

After waiting what seemed like an eternity for my Google/LG Nexus 4, I was concerned (to say the least) when I realized that every time I set it down, I could hear a slight rattle coming from somewhere inside the phone.

If you gently tap or shake the Nexus 4, you’ll hear small, concerning rattle inside the phone. It’s very noticeable if you tap up near the camera on the back side of the phone. It sounds quite unnerving.

Sadly, sending the phone back won’t do you any good, your replacements will have the same problem. According to T-Mobile’s support pages, the “SIM Socket Lever has a small degree of freedom when placed back in the phone”, and therefore rattles when shaken or tapped in the right way. If you dig far enough into many phone forums, you’ll also find many users reporting the issue… many of them sending their phones back to LG, only to find the issue in their replacement.

It’s unfortunate, because every time I set my phone down, I hear that rattle, and it reminds me that while the Phone is state-of-the-art in terms of Software, it has a long way to go in terms of material.